It's Simple-All Patients, All Problems, All the Time

The Calling

"Seeing" a film by Deke Ludwig on Vimeo. OR footage and assistance by Alliance Retina Surgical Missions.
What is different about Alliance Retina, the retina subspecialty practice of Dr. Greg Rosenthal?

The same things that have been different about our practice for 25 years. Retinal surgery is not a business for us, it is a calling. Dr. Rosenthal became a retinal specialist in the first place to avenge the ravages of diabetes for countless patients including his sister. For 25 years, Dr. Rosenthal has accepted all patients and all problems without hesitation and without regard for ability to pay. He has also devoted himself fully to patients’ rights and community needs, serving on local committees, leadership roles, patient support for the most vulnerable, and even working with the US Senate and national groups to protect patient interests.

We have worked in various practices over the years, but in 2013 we formed an entirely new, individual practice specifically to ensure the level of attention and support that our patients and our professional colleagues deserve. As always with Dr. Rosenthal’s practice, Alliance Retina patients and referring doctors get immediate help anytime, anywhere.

What’s different?


While there are several choices for retinal care, Alliance Retina is the only truly comprehensive retinal service in the region. In addition to macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and other “mainstream” services, Dr. Rosenthal provides the most extensive diabetic surgical care, the majority of area pediatric retinal care, and care for certain post-trauma and post-operative reconstructions not available elsewhere.

Because patients with more severe issues, especially related to diabetes, tend to have worse insurance, it is sometimes harder for them to receive care. Since we make no distinction, it doesn’t matter, and so we do more “complex” cases than the average US retinal surgeon. Each year, Dr. Rosenthal performs over 400 surgeries, including over 150 highly complex cases, compared to benchmark averages of 50 to 100 total and 5 or 10 complex cases for an average US practice.

We have one of the world’s only third world retinal programs, providing a substantial percentage of the retinal surgery in the Dominican Republic, all at no cost. This has not only helped the Dominican poor, it has allowed us to refine techniques and dramatically improve surgery and reduce healing times for patients everywhere.


If you need help, you get Dr. Rosenthal 24x7, all year long. Not an on-call doctor, not an answering machine, not even an answering service. You get Dr. Rosenthal directly in the office at 419-873-6800 or on his personal cell phone at 419-356-4224. These numbers are provided to every patient we see and every doctor we support. If Dr. Rosenthal is out of town, we do share call with other excellent retina doctors available through the St. Vincent's operator at 419-251-3232.

  • Dr. Rosenthal performs all care, ensuring the most experienced and most secure and continuous care. There are no handoffs, and no “care by committee”.
  • The only cases we refer out are certain tumor cases, for which we work very closely with Cleveland Clinic, Shields Oncology Center in Philadelphia, and other centers.
  • We accept all insurances and make no distinction between insured and uninsured patients. We offer complete support to CareNet, Prevent Blindness Ohio, self-pay patients, and selected third world endeavors.
  • We do not compromise patient rights or interests by accepting compensation or guidance from industry sources. This is a common practice in this age of the “medical-industrial complex”. We work for patients and patients only.


Any internet search will confirm that Dr. Rosenthal has a long history as a patient rights activist. He has worked with the US Senate Special Committee on Aging to fight for truth and transparency in physicians’ interactions with industry and in care of patients. These efforts have been highlighted on numerous occasions in the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, and many other outlets.

Locally, Dr. Rosenthal has devoted his time to various advocacy and leadership roles throughout Northwest Ohio. He has served numerous Diabetes organizations, and for years has been the Ophthalmology Division Head for Toledo Hospital, Toledo Children’s Hospital, University of Toledo Medical Center, Total Eye Care, and other organizations. He has also served with the Ohio Ophthalmology Society, CareNet, Prevent Blindness Ohio, and The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio.


So, what does “Alliance Retina” mean anyway? Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric once observed,

“Before you become a leader, success is about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others.”

For years, Dr. Rosenthal has established himself as a leader in retina surgery and in the eye care community. Some years ago, he co-founded The Vision Alliance, a consortium of some of the highest quality and most patient-centered eye surgeons in the region. The name “Alliance Retina” is a nod to their tradition for excellence and ethical care. In 2013, we made a decision to package our services in a way that could best help those who seek to do the best for their patients. Rather than grow a competitive practice, we have created a portable service that seeks to “grow others”. Not only does high-end retinal care not require a self-standing office, patients’ needs can actually be better served by empowering those who already are the centers of eye care excellence. We are doing that by bringing full retinal services to our Alliance partners: Associated Eye Care, Maumee Eye Clinic, Perrysburg Eye Center, and AEC Bowling Green. In addition, we provide service for other excellent providers and all neonatal retina services for Toledo Children’s Hospital’s nationally acclaimed Neonatal ICU, and we offer full trauma support to ProMedica facilities. Alliance. Not celebrating or promoting self, but instead celebrating and empowering others.


Is Alliance Retina just another competitor among other retina practices?
Not really. Of course there are other choices for retina care, and in that sense we “compete” to provide that care, but we all also work together. We cover each other’s call, and although Dr. Rosenthal prefers to take all of his own calls and give his cell phone (419-356-4224), he does “sign out” to the call rotation on the infrequent occasions he is out of town. The retina call group is available through the St. Vincent's operator at 419-251-3232. In addition, Dr. Rosenthal accepts referrals from other retina groups for services only he provides and for second opinions.

What about all this talk about “free care”?
Of course we appreciate referrals where the insurance status is simple, but we do not and never have excluded patients with no means at all. We work within the regulatory requirements to see that everyone gets the care they need, we NEVER turn patients away or dismiss them for monetary (or any other) reasons, in 25 years, we have sent fewer than a half dozen patients "to collection”. We do appreciate it if self pay patients can do something. Dr. Rosenthal runs the Jairus Foundation ( who’s mission is to give people a second chance. On occasion, patients have donated to this foundation when they are able.