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Philanthropy and the Vision Community

All of us at Alliance Retina are committed to philanthropy. Dr. Rosenthal is on the Leadership Committees for CareNet, Prevent Blindness Ohio, and former board member at The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio. He is also a Co-Founder of the Frogtown Low Vision Support Group and a member of the Ecumenical Knights of Malta. He is Executive Director of The Jairus Foundation, a charitable foundation dedicated to giving people who need it a second chance.
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Alliance Retinal International

In 2005, we organized what is still one of the only third world retina programs in a world that is served by hundreds of cataract programs. Working with The Institute for Latin American Concern and Dr. Sebastian Guzman in Santiago, Dominican Republic, we have done over a thousand major retinal surgeries, all without cost to patients thanks to funding from The Jairus Foundation and considerable generosity from Alcon Labs and other technology vendors. We are currently working with The Notre Dame University Keough School for Global Affairs and the Ecumenical Knights of Malta to expand the program to other countries.  Our goal is to offer a “packaged” retinal service to local medical communities and to pre-existing cataract programs that serve such communities.
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Regional Vision Care

Eye care falls into three areas: Preventive Care, Interventional Care, and Rehabilitative Care. The Sight Summit is a consortium of the best of these efforts and the organizations in Northwest Ohio committed to protecting those who need help most. Dr. Rosenthal is a co-founder of the Sight Summit and is involved in the leadership of many of the member organizations. Please Check out the link to the right and learn more.


The Jairus Foundation

The Jairus Foundation sponsors projects here and in the third world. We have sent Christmas gifts to Peru and provided tuition to keep kids in school. Since 2007, Dr. Rosenthal has travelled to the Dominican Republic 2 to 3 times a year and performed over 1000 major surgeries. Many of these cases have been severe diabetic problems, but we also manage trauma, tumors, and other problems.

Prevent Blindness Ohio

Prevent Blindness Ohio is responsible for providing the bulk of the free vision screening services and free spectacles. PBO also creates creative and valuable education programs for children and adults. We have been active in developing new screening opportunities and raising public awareness to important vision issues. Dr. Rosenthal is Chairman of the PBO Leadership Council in NW Ohio and assists with numerous PBO projects.


BSVI, the Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired, is a state run agency offering a variety of services to help the visually impaired function better in their lives. Services range from job advocacy and training to help with mobility and adapting the home to accommodate individual needs.

The Ability Center

The Ability Center has for many years served people in Northwest Ohio with a variety of disabilities. Assist Dogs, Housing resources, Education… Check out the site. This is the only way to fully appreciate the value and dedication of this wonderful organization.


The CareNet program works with participating hospitals and physicians and has provided critical surgical care for Northwest Ohio's underinsured and working poor. Dr. Rosenthal is by far the leading provider of ophthalmology services for CareNet and also serves on the CareNet Leadership Council. This is particularly important for diabetic patients and victims of trauma and crime.