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Welcome to Alliance Retina Service. We specialize in diabetic problems, macular degeneration, more complex retinal detachments, ocular reconstruction, and trauma. We accept all patients, all problems, all the time. With our patient portal, patients have direct access to charts, our office, and Dr. Rosenthal 24 hours a day. You can also call Dr. Rosenthal 24x7 on cell at 419-356-4224. If you are new to Alliance Retina, check out the site. If you are already a patient, register in the portal right away.
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Se habla español. Puede llamar a Dr. Rosenthal directamente a su mobile: 419-356-4224.

Remote Patient Monitoring

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In the old days…

We had only isolated ways of measuring blood pressures and blood sugars, and no real way to measure oxygen. And yet these simple measures tell the story of how a patient is doing. They tell the story about whether everything is okay or whether a patient might end up in the ER or worse, in the hospital.

We now have much better ways of measuring such important levels. We can also collect this information in real time and analyze it to determine how the patient will do with their breathing, with their heart, and for us at Alliance Retina with their vision.

With all of this capability, most doctors still do not take advantage. Most are still satisfied to do things the old way, just looking at spot checks, and hoping that this is representative of the real picture.

We are changing that with a new system for remote patient monitoring. Nothing changes for the patient. You just check your blood sugar, blood pressure, even oxygen level as you do now. This program, through R&D Healthtech, provides you with new equipment to do this. This equipment collects the information and automatically sends it through your internet connection to a monitoring service that tracks for trends or signs of trouble,. It then provides a monthly report, so that with no effort, you and your doctors can easily see what's going on and stop trouble before it starts. For our part, this information gives us valuable information about how your eyes will function and how we can best treat or prevent problems.

This service is covered by Medicare and most managed Medicare programs. Copays for such monitoring might come to $10.00 or so per month, but currently, this has been waived. At this time, there is no cost to the patient and nothing different for the patient to do other than benefit from the greatly enhanced monitoring and care.

Please call us or ask during your visit if you would like to take advantage of this. We will be happy to help get you started, and hopefully engage your other doctors in the process.
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Interactive Teaching Simulator

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Contact: Phone- 419-873-6800 - Fax- 419-873-6804 - Email- - Dr. Rosenthal’s Cell- 419-356-4224
If you have an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.